Charitable activities

TLA Educational Trust is an educational charitable trust with manifold objectives to serve the underprivileged and the needy by providing the needed education, training in skills, scholarship, equipment and counseling so as to equip, encourage, and empower individuals to become useful member of the society. TLA Educational Board of Trustee meets more than twice every year to make decision and transact business for the trust. The source of all sponsorship has been personal donations of individuals who share similar concerns and often volunteers to serve the trust in more than one form of resources. Activities conducted in last three years are as follows:

A brief highlight of the Activities from the Year 2013-15

TLA Educational Trust sponsored several events mobilizing the village level social workers, youths, and women for to motivate them spiritually and morally to serve the society sacrificially for peace and harmony. They were trained to be facilitator, speakers, agents of peace, capacity builder, and mobilizers. The objective was to strengthen the moral fabrics of the society they individually belonged:


Equipping Youths and Women

In a separate program, 10 bicycles, 40 motorbikes, four laptops were donated by individual to the needy youths and women workers to help the village level social works to serve the community more effectively.

On three different occasions 100 volumes of reference books, other helpful educational books and stationaries were also distributed to children and village level workers

TLA Educational Trust is privileged to have highly motivated Board of Trustee who are resourceful gifted, and talented as well very willing to sacrificially serve the Trust on honorary basis. We are hopeful to enhance our charitable activities in 2016-17.

Dr Ajoy Kumar Lama

Managing Trustee

TLA Educational Trust